The Unpredictability of Being Human by Linni Ingemundsen

Genre: Young Adult/ Fiction/ Coming-of-age/ Family

Published: 28th December 2017

Print length: 288

Rating: 4/5

About the Author:

Linni Ingemundsen is from Norway and currently works in Malta. She does not know how to draw but is somehow also a freelance cartoonist. Some of her favourite things in life include chocolate, monsters and her yellow typewriter. Linni has lived in three different countries and will never be done exploring the world. What truly inspires her writing is her background growing up in a village on the southwestern coast of Norway. Linni began writing her debut novel while on the Oxford Brookes MA in Creative Writing.

About the Book:

If I got to be God for one day, I’d like to say I’d end world hunger and create world peace. But I wouldn’t. Because if God could fix the big stuff, he’d have done it already.

Malin knows she can’t fix the big stuff in her life. Instead, she watches from the sidelines, as her dad yells, her brother lies and her mum falls apart. At least after she meets Hanna she has a friend to help her. Because being Malin is complicated – learning how to kiss, what to wear to prom, and what to do when you upset the prettiest, meanest girl in school.


As I’m writing this, I have tears in my eyes that refuse to roll down my cheeks. I can’t swallow because my throat is all clogged up with them. What I thought was going to be a light read, turned my heart into a mushy pile of goo.

I have never wanted to hug AND shake a kid as much as I wanted to do it to Malin, the 14 years old main character of this book. This book was more like a journal but don’t think it was like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, no Sir. Malin is a combination of wisdom and innocence. This book is a combination of love, family, payback AND second chances.

I’m a 20-year-old woman. Reading whatever Malin was going through and failing to understand because she was JUST 14 years old, it broke my heart. I wanted to jump inside this book and tell her, “everything’s going to be alright babygirl.” Or steer her away from the wrong path. But alas.

The dialogue was perfect. Some writers, when writing YA (young adult) tend to make the conversations way too serious, maybe forgetting they’re just kids. But the storyline and writing made Malin feel more real. And relatable. I say relatable because whatever she goes through, we all have. Nobody escapes the high school drama, unfortunately.

Even though I didn’t have high hopes for this book in the beginning (like I said, a light read). But it turned out really good in the end. A must read for anyone who wants to smile, laugh, and cry happy tears. Happy reading!

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