Fairytale by Danielle Steel

Genre: Romance

Published: 10th October 2017

Print length: 275 pages

Rating: 4.3/5

About the Author:

Danielle Fernandes Dominique Schuelein-Steel (born August 14, 1947) is an American writer, best known for her romance novels. She is the best selling author alive and the fourth bestselling fiction author of all time, with over 800 million copies sold. She has written 165 books, including 141 novels.Based in California for most of her career, Steel has produced several books a year, often juggling up to five projects at once. All her novels have been bestsellers, including those issued in hardback. Her formula is fairly consistent, often involving rich families facing a crisis, threatened by dark elements such as prison, fraud, blackmail, and suicide. Steel has also published children’s fiction and poetry, as well as raising funds for the treatment of mental disorders. Her books have been translated into 43 languages, with 22 adapted for television, including two that have received Golden Globe nominations.

About The Book:

The perfect book for the holidays: Cinderella set amid the wine-making estates of modern-day Napa Valley, complete with an evil Parisian stepmother.

Camille Lammenais has grown up in the beauty of the Napa Valley, surrounded by acres of her family’s vineyards. Her parents, Christophe and Joy, still deeply in love after two decades of marriage, have built a renowned winery and château modeled after Christophe’s ancient family estate in his native Bordeaux. Camille has had a perfect childhood, safe in her parents’ love. After graduating from Stanford, she returns to help manage Château Joy, her lifetime goal. But their fairytale ends suddenly with her mother’s death

Fairytale is a captivating example of the truths that will always withstand even the darkest storms, and a reminder that sometimes fairytales do come true, and good prevails over evil in the end.


I was a little skeptical going into another romance novel after the last book I read. When I started this book, it was a slow start and I thought it would be another book I would have to get through. It was very predictable until the moment it was not and I couldn’t put it down after that.

It was so wonderfully written and I found myself getting lost in the story and the characters. I wanted to get in there and say things like “use your head”, “are you blind?”, and “How naive can you be?”. The story had everything. A heroine, a prince charming, an evil stepmother, and a fairy godmother. I actually felt hatred for the stepmother with such a gusto that I don’t remember feeling for anyone after Dolores Umbridge (If you don’t know who that is, do you seriously call yourself a book reader?).

My faith in romance novels has been restored and I find myself questioning myself why is this the first time I am reading a book written by her. I blame my co-blogger for never introducing me to her. I will definitely be reading more of her books when I am in the mood for another romance novel. But, I think I have had my fair share of those for now.

If you ever decide to read this book, you will not be disappointed.

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