During The Fall by Rajarsee Bhattachargee

Genre: Fiction

Published on: February 2018

Print length: 240 pages

Rating: 3.7/5

About the Author: Rajarsee Bhattacharjee likes to read, and write, sometimes; and if you are reading this book, makes perfect sense. He also likes to watch films, a lot of them, gets upset when his football and cricket team loses and loves to fall in love. Rajarsee was born in Silchar, Assam and raised predominantly in Agartala, Tripura. He has some academic certificates like everyone else, and is tall for no apparent reason. He has tried his hand in making a car, then parts of it, writing odd online articles and in insurance sector. During The Fall is Rajarsee’s first book, and plans to have some more in the coming years.

About the Book: What happens when a man gets tired of the monotony of life and decides to start everything all over? Can a man really live with a different identity altogether? How do his loved ones cope up with the fact that he had decided to leave them in the middle of everything? “During The Fall” tells us the story of love, loss, and despair and addresses the most common issue that we come across in our lives of the twenty-first century – Insufficiency. The novel encompasses the extremity one’s life can endure and encounters tragedy in a whole new way.

Review: So, this ebook was given by the author himself, a first for Read And Utter. He was giving away free pdfs to those who would like to read it and give their thoughts about it since this book was not available in Pakistan yet and he could not send it to individual readers. Being a review blogger, I jumped at the opportunity.

This book is about Shankar who takes off on a journey back to his hometown to find happiness and, well, himself. It revolves not only around him but other characters as well that are somehow connected to him, whether directly or indirectly.

Now, you guys probably know by now that I love a book that has my attention from the very first line of the first chapter. This book delivered that. The beginning was so intense I had my hopes sky high. I was all ready to dive into the thrill and intensity of it. BUT, it got too confusing. I would have loved it if it was all about the main character Shanker but the addition of other characters, however, interconnected they might be, was just too much. I felt like it really wasn’t needed.

There were a few grammatical mistakes, which in my belief, should have been taken care of by the editor. But I digress.

I really liked the story of the main character Shankar. I would have liked it better if it revolved around ONLY him and the ones that were DIRECTLY involved in his story but that wasn’t the case.

The story ends on a cliffhanger of sorts. Despite the few problems I had with this book. I’m looking forward to the second part. (If there is one!)

Special thanks to the author who was kind enough to send us this copy. Look forward to more of your work, Sir!

Happy Reading!

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